How we work

Our consulting, coaching and training services provide a uniquely holistic approach to all aspects of global leadership development, strategic communications, and diversity & inclusion.

Our interventions blend the realities of international businesses and organizations with research disciplines including anthropology, positive psychology, brain functioning, thinking and learning styles, emotional competences, and cultural intelligence.

Our associate coaches, trainers and consultants combine academic rigor with extensive experience in corporations and international organizations, working with people from all walks of life. They all are multilingual and multicultural by education and professional background.



We support organizations whenever they address cross-cultural challenges typical in international work environments or business contexts, or strategic positioning.

The process begins as our team carries out a needs analysis. Next, we meet with our client’s senior executives to jointly define strategic priorities based on international values and practices, senior leaders’ mindsets, culturally sensitive performance metrics, virtual or remote team excellence, international infrastructures, and learning cultures.

Our deliverable is a set of actionable recommendations for strategy-based transformation, and for steps to ensure efficient implementation. This approach enables us to transfer skills, tools, and intellectual capital to our client organization, beginning the deep learning process needed for a culture change, or new brand positioning.


Executive and leadership coaching

Coaching helps people raise the bar of their performance, integrate new leadership skills and behaviours, or simply being at their very best. It can be stand-alone, or used as part of a management development programme.

Our associate certified coaches offer tailored team or group coaching or one-to-one coaching. They pull from diverse and evidence-based approaches from positive psychology to cultural anthropology to not so basic common sense. No two coaching engagements are alike. Our strength lies in working with emerging processes, and helping our clients discover what sparks their excellence.

Some areas in which we support managers and senior executives include: increasing their effectiveness as leaders, building a high-performing team, sharpening cross-cultural competencies, managing from an emotional intelligence perspective, preparing a leadership or career transition, or giving presentations that create an impact.



Like our coaching, our training methods are as varied as our clients’ needs. What our methods share is a solid research base, a blend of experiential and highly interactive learning, and a strong focus on results.

We stimulate our participants’ competencies through assessment tools and simulation activities. And we seek to create learning experiences that engage with the hearts and minds of our customers.

Our trainings are fully customised to fit the business environment of our client organizations. Many clients choose to integrate shorter training modules, into longer programmes with specialist learning groups, group coaching, or individual coaching.