Cleverland is a Brussels-based organization
specializing in global leadership solutions,
strategic communications, and diversity & inclusion.


We put our knowledge and experience
at the disposal of international public organizations,
governments, the corporate, and the non-profit sector.


We are known for our skill to always adopt a culturally calibrated viewpoint
when delivering consulting, training or coaching services,
facilitating international meetings, moderating focus groups,
or designing PR positioning strategies.


We can put together bespoke teams of multicultural coaches,
trainers and consultants to provide customized solutions
to a wide spectrum of clients.


September 2016

Women in Media II

SAVE THE DATE - 26 October, Brussels: «Women in Media II» conference at Flagey. An event with European journalists and women experts organized by the Sofia Foundation in collaboration with the European Commission and UN ...



Coup de coeur

Jacques De Decker, “Explorateur Citadin“, par Marie-Ange Bernard. Bruxelles n’est pas une ville, mais une sorte d’archipel, un agglomérat de ...

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